The Landeez all-terrain wheelchair

by Anita

Wheelchairs are normally a large pain when it comes to any type of enjoyable outdoor activity with the family. It is very hard to push a wheelchair out on the beach to watch your grandchildren or push it along on a nature trail. Just because you need to use a wheelchair does not mean that you have to miss out on all these fun activities. With the Landeez all-terrain wheelchair, you will be able to enjoy more family outings.

This all terrain wheelchair will allow you to easily ride over sand, snow, and gravel. The entire frame will dissemble or fold in just seconds so you can transport your wheelchair by car, train, or plane, or just store it away when it is not needed. Both armrests swivel in the upward position and the wheels can be locked so it will be very easy to maneuver or transfer the wheelchair.

The wheels are very easy to convert to street wheels so you can still enjoy shopping in the mall, eating at the restaurants, and then change the wheels back to all-terrain to go on that wine tour. You will not only be able to go just about any place, but you will also be very comfortable as the leg rests are adjustable in both length and angle. The front caster will allow the Landeez to turn a complete 360 degrees so you will have no trouble traveling and operating the wheelchair in narrow hallways and elevators.

The Landeez is durable and the weight capacity is over 325 pounds but the wheelchair itself only weighs 37 pounds.

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Matthew Says: February 26, 2007 at 4:53 pm

I absolutely LOVE this all terrain wheelchair. My dad loves the beach and he hasn’t been able to visit it since he suffered a stroke in 2004. I’m going to tell him about this chair. Thank you!


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