Bumper Dumper

by Anita

Okay, I found this cool gadget on a vacation website, but thought it would be appropriate for the holiday season as well. If you are doing any type of traveling to visit relatives this season and you have children you will more than likely hear “I gotta go”. This can happen anytime and anyplace if you have kids in the car. They are notorious for waiting until you get in the car to let you know they need to go to the bathroom. The Bumper Dumper is your safety net!

Now, when you hear those words all you have to do is pull over, preferably in a inconspicuous place where there are not any cars zooming by and just out and use the Bumper Dumper.

You do not have to worry about finding a bush, a tree or anything else to hide behind and worry about all those creepy crawling insects. Girls especially do not enjoy to the bathroom outdoors. This will help you from stopping a million times unless you cannot find a quiet out of the way place.

It is also great for camping, fishing, or any other outdoor activity where the only place to go is one of those port-a-pots. I absolutely hate those things. This would be so much easier and less smelly and dirty.

All you need to use this nifty Bumper Dumper is a trailer hitch to attach it to. You can either use a bucket or even a bag and then empty or just discard the mess. The Bumper Dumper comes complete with the 2 by 2 hitch receiver and the toilet seat, you have the ability to attach a sealable bucket or bag to the underneath side of the toilet. Most 5-gallon buckets will very easily slide into the attachment grooves under the frame.

You can find this cool gadget online for around $71 and when nature calls, you will be ready.

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