Star Theatre 2 Home Planetarium

by Anita

Do you know what it would be like to have your own planetarium in your home? You can enjoy romantic starlit nights without being out in the cold or rain year round, or you could use your home planetarium to help your budding young astronomer further their career.

I still remember my first trip to the planetarium, it was great, sitting back, and relaxing as the astronomer gave the class a tour of our unique solar system. This can all be yours right in your own home including the narration.

The Star Theatre 2 Home Planetarium will transform any room in your home into a wonderful starlit sky with a 360-degree planetarium. You can view hundreds of stars, constellations and planets on your ceiling and walls.

This cool planetarium will give you the ability to project the night sky for any season or even any month. It has a one-piece star sphere that does not have any separate overlays that can break or that you may lose. You can decide the exact date and hour that you would like to see and magically the planets, stars, and constellations will be all around you.

The planetarium also comes complete with a CD, so you can sit back, watch the stars and listen while a narrator takes you on a journey through the sky.

The ability to create a realistic comet or meteor shower across your own homemade sky will be a unique pleasure all of its own. Anyone that witnesses the show will be left with awe and excitement. Now, that would be one romantic evening, putting on a starlit show full of planets, constellations, stars and even a meteor shower. You have the power!

Other features of the Star Theatre 2 Home Planetarium include a detachable dome for use outdoors, halogen light source, a built-in compass, and instructions with activity guide and planet data. You will need five “AAA” batteries.

The price is online is only £29.99 and around $36.00 USD. Available from ParamountZone.

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Kishan Says: July 11, 2006 at 3:20 pm

Hi-! How can I buy this gadget, or where? Thank you. Kishan

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