ForceFX Lightsaber

by Marc

ForceFX Lightsaber
Come on, admit it. You have, at some point in your life, started swinging a broom handle around making “Psheeewww, Whummmm… Whummmm” noises. No? Errr – no, me either! Definitely never done that, nosireee.

But on the offchance you did want to act out your fave sci-fi moments these ForceFX lightsabers would be the things to start with. Let’s not pretend here – they’re not a gadget, they’re a complete toy but they’re cool all the same.

They’re “collectable” – which basically means they change the colour of the blade every year or so and re-issue it – but the really neat thing is the sampled noises from the film and the motion sensors in the hilt that give you the authentic noises at the proper time. Plus the power up and down noises, and a sensor in the blade to give you the nice “clash” noise when you whack someone/thing. To top it all they even light up progressively, just like the “real” thing.

Available at all good toyshops for about $120

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