Talking Toilet Paper

by Anita


What a great gadget for employee restrooms or for all those guys that leave the lids up at home. The talking toilet paper will give out your special message to anyone that needs to use the toilet paper.

As soon as they pull on the toilet paper your recorded message will be heard such as “Put down that lid”, “Wash your hands before returning to work”, or even “That is no place for your Barbie doll”. See, it can even prevent children from playing in the toilet.

You can change the message as often as you like since you can record and then re-cord. This would be great for any party where you would like to leave special message for your guests such as “Happy New Year”, “I am not a barf bag”, or any other cute phrase you can think of.

Not only can you record your own special message but you can also record music to fit the season or even obnoxious sounds.

The recording device is built into the spindle that the roll of toilet paper fit on, so each time the spindle rolls your message, music, or sounds will be played.

All you have to do is turn on the unit and then press the record button. It will hold up to 6 seconds of sound. Have fun changing your message as often as you like to remind others that you are watching and know if they leave the lid up or do not wash their hands.

It is very easy to install and simple to record your messages. The talking toilet paper will record your new messages over and over again, will fit in any bathroom, and has an on and off switch.

You will have to purchase two “AAA” batteries before you install your new talking toilet paper.

You can find it online for £14.99 or around $17.90 USD.

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