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Mission Impossible
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Yeah sorry I never was any good at music (or English to that matter) but imagine the sound track to Mission Impossible as that’s what this post reminds me of, self destructing text messages.

It’s been a said on a fair few spy movies (and cartoons) “This message will self destruct in 30 seconds” generally followed 30 seconds later by a smoking cassette recorder (I think they had those in the 60s and 70s ). But a company is bringing the self destructing message in to the mobile arena.

Staellium (try spelling that correctly after a few beers), a UK based company have released a new product for mobile phones appropriately called StealthText which let’s you send messages to people safe in the knowledge that your confidential message will be deleted 40 seconds after it has been read. The way it works is you send a message to somebody, they read it and 30 seconds later “just like that” it is gone. Presently it is only compatible with WAP enabled mobile phones but considering that is 80% of the UK market I can’t see it being too big of a hurdle in this country.

The product is being aimed at the defense and financial sectors as they deal with sensitive information on a daily basis but the main market I can see is that of the non-too faithful partner, the number of times I’ve seen so called married friends giggle and then hit the ‘C‘ button guiltily cements my view. Imagine all the hassle David Beckam and Shane Warne could of avoided if they’d used self destructing messages.

Mission Impossible messages coming to the celebrity circuit anytime soon(ish).

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Andy Moreland Says: December 10, 2005 at 5:17 pm

As soon as I read this, I started playing the Mission Impossible Theme 🙂

Anyways, wow, thats interesting. I wonder if they have to install special software on the recieving phone or something.

Gilbert Vernam Says: December 12, 2005 at 9:50 pm

Hmm, does this count for deleting your messages from the service providers computers too? lol.

Krawmen Says: January 4, 2006 at 6:55 am

Seems like it’s a self-deleting wap-page (since you must have WAP enabled phone). This is not new, just a new idea where to use it – in mobile phones.
If you have a webhost, and have full access, you can write your own coded page that deletes itself after X time.

So to sum up: It’s not a self-destructing SMS (as will be logged at service providers) – it’s a self-destructing dynamic wap-page.

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