Estes XB-39 RC Spyplane with 26-shot digicam

by Anita


Well, I found another great spy gadget – The Estes XB-39 remote control spyplane. This is the perfect gadget for any spy or anyone that wants to take a peak at what their neighbor might be doing over that large wooden fence.

This cool Spyplane has a wingspan of 55 inches, can reach altitudes up to 1,000 feet and is 34 inches in length and has twin ducted fan jet engines. The best part about this spyplane is you will not just learn what your neighbor is doing but will be able to take 26 aerial photos with just a simple button on the transmitter. Then you will have all the proof you need to let her husband know what goes on while he is at work.

Other features of the Estes XB-39 RC spyplane is the five-function, two-stick transmitter and a camera pod that is easy to snap off to allow you to download your images to your computer. The EZ launch catapult system will enable your plane to take off easily and smoothly. It also comes with two rechargeable flight batteries for non-stop flying. You can use one while the other is recharging this way you always have the batteries ready to go.

You will have to purchase eight “AAA” alkaline batteries for the transmitter and camera. It is recommended for children over 12 years of age.

This is one remote control plane that you had better what where you fly it. It might be mistaken for an enemy spyplane and be shot down. I would not fly it near post offices, schools, or any type of government offices especially the White House.

Would you believe you can find this high-tech state of the art Spyplane at Wal-mart for around $150?

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