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Music Sphere Speaker
We saw a fair few bits of cool audio equipment at the stuff show and Marc wrote an interesting piece abouthome audio systems. Today I came across the music sphere, it might not be as sophisticated as the Sonos but it’s a whole load cheaper and still lets you transmit music around your home.

The Music sphere comes in 2 parts (well 3 if you include the remote). First there is a small spherical transmitter that plugs into you music system (you can have up to 3 different inputs). This then transmits the audio wirelessly (2.4 GHz) to the spherical speaker, other feature include:

  • Two tweeters and a full range drive ports through an acoustic chamber to provide full range system performance
  • Crystal clear speaker casing with built-in wireless transceiver and control pad
  • Patent-pending learn remote function enables audio source remote controls to send commands back to the source from the Sphere
  • LCD display features clock, volume, bass and treble display, as well as input selection and battery level indicator
  • LCD display changes color depending on audio source

This certainly isn’t a full digital home solution but if you want to quickly and easily transmit you music to multiple locations (garden parties and BBQs spring to mind) it is a very good solution and it’s available for under $200 from ThinkGeek

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