Philips KeyRing USB Digital Camera

by Anita


For one of the most easiest compact digital cameras on the market today you have to check out the Key Ring USB Wearable Digital Camera. Not only is this digital camera compact but it is also one that you can carry along with you and fit into your pocket.

This camera is a digital still picture camera that ahs a USB flash memory drive. It can hold up to 400 photos, so you will be able to take many, many pics while you are out and about anywhere you go. It uses the VGA picture capture technology and comes with Photo Manager Software that will enhance your photos up to 1.3 mega pixel quality on a computer.

You will have no need to tote around that large digital camera any more with the invention of the Philips digital Key Ring camera. Since the camera will be on your key ring along with your car keys and house keys, you will always have it with you when you walk out the door.

You will never miss out on taking pictures of those great moments that you always wish you had a camera with you. You will always capture those moments such as a home run by your son, your grandchild’s first steps, or even an accident on the highway for your records.

Other features and benefits of the Philips digital Key Ring Camera include 64 MB memory, Hi-Res 1.3 Megapixel Output from VGA Picture Capture, the ability to store and carry data files up to 44 floppy disks, lightweight, durable, smart looking and no need for any software besides a direct USB plug in and Windows 98. This great digital camera unbelievably only weighs around 1 ounce.

Whether you want this Philips digital key ring camera for yourself or for your favorite photographer you can find it online for around $120.

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