Healthy Jump

by Anita


This is one gadget that can really help in your exercise program. We all know just how important exercise is for our health but most of us get tired pretty quick and give up, not because of the exercise itself but because of trying to remember everything.

With the Healthy Jump, it will keep track of your number of jumps for every workout. It will even calculate the number of calories that you burned. Now, you do not have to worry about counting each and every jump and concentrate on your jumping skills. You will even know the exact amount of calories you burned and be able to focus on your complete exercise program.

Fitness professionals, gym teachers and athletes know just how important jumping rope is for your health. Even in elementary school, jumping rope is an important part of the kids exercise program. Jumping rope will tone your entire body while strengthening your cardiovascular system. You can add jumping rope to your daily exercise program and receive even more for your workout while toning your body in a fun way.

The Healthy Jump has a rotator swivel action head. This allows it to rotate in both directions so you can jump forward, backward or crisscross. It comes with a 10-foot rope so it can be adjusted for any height. You will also be able to view your progress very easily with the LCD display. You can view either your calories burned or the number of your jumps. Programming is very simple.

This would be a great gift for anyone that enjoys exercising or wants to get more from their workout. Children would really love this jump rope. They could hold competitions to see who could jump the most and the jump rope would keep track of the jumps so no fights would happen. The jump rope never lies.

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