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You may believe that dinosaurs were extinct until you see these 32 inch long Roboraptor roaming around your home. It is an advanced fusion of technology and personality. It is not just a regular old robot; this Roboraptor is an advanced artificial intelligence with personality, life like biomorphic motions, controlling features or even free roam modes.

If you know, anyone that loves robots or dinosaurs this would be one awesome Christmas gift.

Some of the great features of the Roboraptor include a fluid bi-pedal motion that allows your dinosaur to walk, run and perform predatory gaits. All movements are very realistic while he turns his head and neck and whips his tail. He even has personality; he has the hunter mood, the cautious mood and the playful mood. Other features include mood dependent behavior which are aggressive/hunting, nervous/cautious, and friendly/playful, multi-sensory with touch sensors in his tail, mouth and chin, an infra-red vision that helps him detect items in his path or if someone is trying to sneak up on him, strong jaws for that tug of war game you enjoy, and responds to commands from Robosapien V2.

For your Roboraptor to roam around the place you will need six “AA” batteries and three “AAA” batteries. You can find this awesome dinosaur in the United States at
Best Buy, Discovery Stores, Sharper Image, Radio Shack, Circuit City, Linens ‘N Things, Toys “R” Us, Macy’s, May Company, and various stores in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Benelux, Thailand, Hong Kong, Middle East, Scandinavia, South Africa, Italy, France, and Spain.

Give someone a dinosaur that will give them hours of fun and interaction. I bet most guys no matter what age would love to find this one under the Christmas tree or just for a great surprise gift.

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andrew Says: August 22, 2006 at 9:21 am

dis stuff is gr8 man. i wuld luv 2 hav something lik dis in da futur.

Tammy Says: March 11, 2008 at 10:21 am

I’m 21 years old and I have this cool toy. My parents like this animal but I love my new Roboraptor. I find It is the coolest toy I ever played with. I give the raptor a 10 becouse I love my raptor

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