Coughing Ashtray

by Anita


Do you have the desire to quit smoking? Would you like a friend a family member to give up this nasty habit? On the other hand, maybe you enjoy playing practical jokes all others. No matter what your reason this coughing ashtray is sure to be blast.

Just put the coughing ashtray on the table or hand it to a friend the next time they light up in your house. As soon as they use the ashtray, it will begin coughing very loudly. Maybe they will soon get the hint that your home is a smoke free environment.

This would also be a great ashtray to take to work and place in the smoking area, if you have one, or outside where smoking is permitted. Then every time someone uses the ashtray, the coughing and laughter will begin.

It looks just like an ordinary ashtray and no will know the difference at all until they flick their ashes or put out their cigarette. If this is not enough to get them to quit smoking, I do not know what is. They will hear exactly how they sound each and every time they enjoy inhaling and exhaling that wonderful smoke.

This would be great gifts for people on your list that you rather not buy for anyway. Purchase more than one, so you will always have a spare to give to a smoking friend or just to get a big laugh.

Oh, yes it does need batteries. Without batteries, it will be just a plain old ordinary ashtray. The price for the coughing ashtray is £6.95 or around $8.17 USD and can be found at

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