Everything Wifi on a stick!

by Marc

Where to start with the cool AH-225H from ZyXEL?

First and foremost it’s a WiFi hotspot finder. Whether you’re into wardriving or just need to find some internet access for a quick google lookup a hotspot finder is pretty much a necessity (unless you’re better than I am at spotting those piddly “WiFi hotspot” signs hiding in the windows of coffee shops)

The unit has a separate rechargable battery and LCD screen so the hotspot finder can be used independently of a PC.

Having found your hotspot this gizmo then doubles as a USB WiFi adapter. Admittedly this is of secondary use as most new laptops come with WiFi built in, but there are plenty of portables out there that don’t have that luxury.

WiFi connectivity is right up there too – 802.11a/b/g are all catered for together with the latest WPA/WPA2 security protocols.

Finally, if you happen to have a wired network handy but need a quick way of connecting other machines wirelessly this unit can also perform as a USB WiFi access point, letting you create an ad-hoc wireless network wherever you need to.

All in all a very comprehensive little toy. Just the sort of thing we like!

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Al Says: November 18, 2005 at 2:19 pm

Sounds very cool but that picture looks more like an 80s dictaphone

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