High Tech ID Kits

by Anita

Our children are or should be treasured angels, but in today’s’ society children are being kidnapped, injured, and even killed by strangers and even members of their families. Every year around 800,000 children are reported missing. When you turn on your television and watch the news, you are sure to see where another child has been abducted or is missing. Some of these children are grabbed going to school or on their home from school, snatched while playing in their safe neighborhoods with their friends, abducted from their own front yards and even sometimes from their own bedrooms.

If your child is ever missing, a recent photo may not be enough to aid law enforcement agencies to the whereabouts of your child. Abductors have a way of changing the looks and identify of your child, by cutting their hair, dying their hair, using a different name to talk with them, and moving completely out of the country.

There are ways that you can help keep the best possible information all in one place and give the authorities much more to work with to help them find your child. The new High Tech ID kits includes a includes a fingerprinting kit, two sterile cotton swabs, one DNA isolation card, a plastic sleeve for final storage, and easy-to-use instructions. The DNA information is so much more accurate than just a photo along with the fingerprints.

Not only will you will be able to give the police a recent photo, but you will also be able to give them recent fingerprints and the DNA sample. This information will aid in finding your child faster.

We all try our best to safeguard our children from harm. However, there are people out there you cannot trust. Always be prepared in case of any type of abduction by gathering all the data that you can pertaining to your child such as a recent photo, fingerprints, DNA, and any unusual scars. Keep this information in a safe place and you will have the ammunition you need to help find your child just in case this ever happens to you.

You can purchase this ID kit online at http://www.casebreakers.com/id/ for only $3.95. A very small investment for protecting your children.

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