Supersonic Ear by Wild Planet

by Anita

You may think this is just a child’s toy but you would be completely mistaken. My son has one of these and you would be amazed at just what you can really hear with this device.

There should be more laws invoked concerning toys with this power. You can honestly sit in one motel room, point the electronic listening device toward the room next door, and hear what is going on. Not only that, but if you go outside and point it toward homes as you are walking by you can actually hear them talking. You may not be able to distinguish each and every word according to how far you are from the house, but you can hear the voices.

The microphone of the Supersonic Ear magnifies sounds and vibrations that are close and far away. You can press the microphone cup to any window or wall and hear what is happening in your neighbor’s home. However, be careful the kids can also press this microphone cup to your bedroom door and hear what you are planning. The unique sound dish pivots to zoon in on sounds that you want to hear.

If your child loves spy gear, then this is one gadget that you must think about getting for them. The problem comes in when you find out just how cool it is. I love taking it outside and listening. You can hear birds, dogs, people walking past and yes, inside their homes. Even if someone next door is whispering, just press the cup to the wall and listen you will know what they are up to in just minutes. It is the best gadget for a gossiper or international spy.

Features of the Supersonic Ear include amplifies sounds and vibrations near or far, listen to conversations through windows (they do not mention walls, but it does work through walls), spy motion alarm detects any intruders, you can zoom in on what you want to hear, automatic volume limiter protects your ears against loud noises, and the headphones are included. You will need to purchase a 9-volt battery. You can find this awesome Supersonic Ear online for between $15.00 to $35.00. It well worth the money for any spy!

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Dave Says: February 23, 2010 at 4:50 am

This is rather over rated review of the supersonic ear.
The headphone quality was bad and I found greatly improved sound from hi quality headphone, though I still wasnt able to hear anything that I couldnt hear without the ‘ear’ on, albeit amplified by the device.
It is of fragile low quality plastic construction, especially the battery connector. OK as a stethoscope for hearing heartbeat for example but it couldnt detect the sound of my noisy boiler at the back of my house which I can hear quite easily from my bedroom. They should have given it a ‘manual’ rather than an automatic sensitivity detection control too!.
Sorry about the negative review but I was taken in by this review you gave and looking forward to receiving it. I even spent 20 mins looking for a mistake I might of not removing a protection cover or something!!!

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