Talking Bone

by Anita

Do you find your pet becoming lonely and then destroying things around the house when you are at work or gone just long enough to run to the store? If so, they you may wish to give him your voice while you are gone with this talking bone, then he will feel as if you are still there with him.

Now your dog will be able to hear your voice any time even while you are away. All he will have to do is pick it up or just nudge it and out will come your reassuring voice.

The voice module is activated very simple by just moving the bone and it comes with a lifetime warranty. It maybe a very soft chew toy for your favorite friend, but it is also very durable. The best part is if your dog does chew up his talking bone, CMI will replace canvas material for a small shipping and handling fee, with no limit on the number of replacements. All you have to do is take out the electronic voice module and then place it in the new replacement material and your dog will be happy once again.

The Talking dog allows you to record up to 10 seconds worth of messages to your pet, so you can give him any type of message you can think of that will give him reassurance that you will be home soon. The talking bone is 9 inches long and has the computer chip that lets you record your own voice. You can even remove the chip and change the recording as often as you like. The price online for this unique dog toy is around $15.00

Now, even if you have to leave your dog home alone, you will still be able to give him reassurance and guidance with this cute and chewy talking bone. You can always purchase more than one and place them in different rooms, so he will always know you are there, even when you aren’t.

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Shoemoney Says: November 7, 2005 at 7:18 pm

I have to get one of these for my dog!

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