Comment – LCD TV’s

by Marc

A short, pictureless post commenting on TV technology: For a while now various manufacturers have been trying to sell large screen LCD televisions. Why they bothered is beyond me because the picture quality to date has been appalling compared to plasma. Sure, on paper they may have more pixels but when you actually go and look at an LCD screen you see jagged edges, no contrast, washed out blacks and various other picture artifacts that make me wonder why I’d want to spend money on them.

The Stuff/What HiFi show this year changed my opinion slightly. The new crop of LCD televisions actually do display a very good picture. Good enough to warrant serious consideration IMO. Except for LG’s effort. LG, if you’re reading this, stick to plasmas or go and look at Sharp and Toshiba to see how it should be done.

To be fair to LG, they were also displaying a monster 71 inch plasma screen that looked exceptional (especially when fed with the high def signal they were using to demo), so it’s not all bad news for them.

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