Face in the Forest

by Anita


Meet Prankster, just one of the Face in The Forest personalities.

Why not give your trees a personality of their own with these unique and unforgettable Faces in Forest. With these wonderful faces, you can show the world just how you feel each and every day or even the entire personality of your household.

Give your garden someone to watch over and protect all your vegetables while giving your trees a whole new look. Everyone that sees the new look of your trees will have to have one and be envious of you.

They are not only unforgettable, distinctive, and charming, but they are also very easy to attach. All you have to do is place a small nail in the tree for each of the four pieces and then hang them with the loop that is provided.

You can change the trees personality as often as you like, or give each tree in your yard its own unique style that never changes. Thing of how much fun you will have when your guests meet your trees. You can have Grumpy, Kissy, Max, Prankster, and Smiley. Each one will be a delightful new feel to your garden or yard.

Think about all the different ways you can decorate your trees with the Face in the Forest. For Halloween you could dress each tree up different and have ghost or other ghouls hanging around. What a surprise for those trick or treaters!

If you are searching for a gift for someone that has everything, I bet they do not have a Face in the Forest. This would be a perfect gift for any outdoor enthusiasts or for anyone that enjoys a good laugh, or a new friend.

You can find Grumpy, Kissy, Max, Prankster, and Smiley Face in the Forest for around $20USD online. Make a new friend or enjoy the compliments of each and every one of these Face in Forests gadgets. They are made of durable polyresin with glass eyes. They look very real as if they are a part of the tree.

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