Palm Z22 Handheld

by Keith

Palm Z22

Following some confusing merger of palmOne and PalmSource some time ago, a brand new handheld Palm Z22 is finally being introduced to the public. To compliment a fresh start for Palm, a new modeling scheme is engineered in Palm Z22, including functions to allow users ease of use.

Palm Z22 is specially built for first time owners, students, housewives and ladies in search of lightweight but highly functional PDA in mind. Weighing at mere 96 grams, it is designed for entry level users. Palm Z22 has a good balance of useful features and organizational capabilities. Surprisingly, it is retailed at US$136, making it the most affordable colour display handheld to date.

Firstly, the device is powered by Palm OS Garnet 5.4, packaged with useful, standard applications, such as Calendar, Calculator, Expense, Memo, Notepad and Task to assist users in sorting out any hectic schedules.

With the cool colour LCD, it is capable to colour-code any business or personal appointments, facilitating quicker understanding at a glance. In addition, Palm also included a free game as part of the package. Unfortunately, due to its small-size and lightweight characteristic, the screen’s resolution is only 160 x 160 pixels, with apparent “ghosting” effect. Though equipped with a 200MHz processor, the slow response of the touch screen does not help much to a user’s contention.

Product Specification:

  • Palm OS Garnet 5.4
  • 32MB Internal Memory (20MB available to user)
  • 200MHz Processor
  • Touch screen LCD (160 x 160 pixels)
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery
  • Weight: 96.4 grams
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 68.6 x 103.1 x 15.2mm

This simplified handheld device is just sufficient for any entry-level users who wishes to have a feel of how a palm works. Though it may not be as cool compared to the professional level handhelds, i.e. Tungsten T3, the price is justifiable for an affordable asset to own.

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