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I’ve seen musical keyboards which try to teach you how to play by lighting the keys you should press at the right time to play different tunes. With these I’ve find a can play tunes like happy birthday to near perfection :). You can now get a guitar that follows the same principle.

The Fretlight Guitar needs to be connected a PC (via USB), you then select what song you want to learn to play (on the PC) and it will show you which strings to hold via 126 LEDs (as you can probably tell by my non musical jargon, I don’t play the guitar).

Taken straight off the site, the benefits are:

  • An interactive guitar learning system that allows you to learn what you want, when you want, at the speed you want.
  • Just put your fingers on the lights and play, whatever level player you are.
  • No bobbing your head back and forth from books or charts to your guitar neck
  • An expandable system for future software and hardware applications.
  • A fantastic playing, gig ready, electric guitar with or without the lights on.
  • You learn quicker, play better, have more fun, and become the guitar player you always dreamed of being in a fraction of the time!

Weighing in at 1000USD you may find it’s cheaper and less dorky to get proper lessons but if you have money to burn and love flashing lights, check it out.

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keith rumsey Says: August 12, 2012 at 3:43 pm

dear sir or madam
i came across your website while looking for guitar gadgets and i saw the fretlight guitar and i ask how much is the fretlight guitar and where can i get one as i live in aldeburgh in suffolk and i am disabled and i dont have much money but i like to try new things inspite of my disablility and my illness i like my music of all types but to learn to play a musical instrument would be even better so if you can help me with this please i would be most grateful so i thank you for your time in reading this email and i hope to hear from you in the near future.

kindest regards

keith rumsey

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