iMac G5

by Anita


If you love Mac computers you are already ahead of the game. If not, you may be changing your mind on which computer is now your all time favorite. Apple has come up with a whole new technology that will allow couch potatoes to stay couch potatoes and enjoy their music, their photos and even movies on their computers without getting off the couch.

With the new front row and the apple remote control you will be hosting DVD’s right from your own home without setting up any equipment, changing the channel on the television, and running to the video store to rent the movie of the evening. You can just enjoy watching all your DVD’s from your computer and will not have to get up a hundred times with the new remote control. You can even watch music videos, movie trailers, or just rock out with your favorite tunes.

Do you have all your vacation photos on disk? If so, invite the crowd over all on a cold winter’s night to share your last vacation on the white tropical beaches of Aruba while you serve up all kinds of summer foods to warm up the evening.

With the new Apple remote you will be able to navigate through all your digital treasures that you have been collecting or ones that you created on your own. This simple remote control only has 6 buttons, so you will not be fumbling around trying to learn to use a whole new difficult navigation system in order to enjoy your music or your home movies.

There is noting extra to setup and you will be enjoying all of your favorite digital products in minutes no matter where you are in the room. Crank up the volume, so you can listen to your favorite music while cooking dinner, or outside on the grill.

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