Inflatable Beer Bucket

by Anita


Be the hit of any outdoor party or jamboree when you bring the beer and the best inflatable beer bucket ever made. Any time you have an outdoor party and beer drinkers, you are either running in and the door to get them a beer, asking your girlfriend or spouse to retrieve the beer or letting them go to your frig and get their own beer. Well, now you can have the beer outside in the middle of the party with the Inflatable Beer Bucket. All you have to do is inflate it, add cold water and ice and drop the beer in. Now, everyone can enjoy a cold beer without running in and out of the house a million times.

You can deflate your beer bucket and take it with you anywhere you go, on vacation, to a friend’s house or even to liven up that boring family reunion. You will never have to beerless again. And the lady of the house will also be glad because she will now be able to prepare appetizers, desserts, and other yummy treats and store them in the refrigerator where your beer for the party use to take up all the room.

Not, only will you enjoy this unique Inflatable beer bucket but it is also a great gift for anyone that enjoys a beer or two all summer long.

When summer draws to an end, you can just deflate your beer bucket and store it away. You can also use it during the winter, bring it along for poker night, or any other function where you and your pals would enjoy a cold one.

You can find this great inflatable beer bucket online for £7.95 or $14.31 USD. The size of this inflatable beer bucket is around 18 inches high and has a 12 inch diameter.

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Phil Cohen Says: August 20, 2008 at 4:34 pm

I am looking for a”Tippler” hanging drinking glass. The one which broke, hung around the neck on a rawhide string. You could walk, talk and eat while wearing your spill proof glass.

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