ASCII Art From Photos


I remember the days when newsgroups where one of the best sources for info and nobody had heard of a forum (how things have changed). As newsgroups were text only (forget the attachements in warez and shall will say adult ones) the geeky way to sign off a message was with an image made up of asking characters, like:

What’s this?

( . )
___( . )

That’s a big breasted girl running without a bra. (thanks Hodgedup)

Anyway onto the post about generating ASCII art (if you can call it that) from photos.

The site in question is t.y.p.o.r.g.a.n.i.s.m. (not sure what the full stops are all about), you need to upload a jpeg with the exact dimensions of 60×50 pixels, here’s one I prepared earlier (said in a Blue Peter presenter voice).
Ali Thumbnail
and let it generate the picture.


I think having art in the title of this post may have been a bit generous, however if you look at it with your eyes half shut and try not to focus properly you can see the connection, it will probably look even better after a night out.

You can play with your own pics here.

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