Chocolate Fountain

by Anita


If you love chocolate as much as I do then you will be in Heaven when you see this chocolate fountain. Who wouldn’t enjoy a fountain flowing with chocolate? You can place in your kitchen and enjoy nice warm chocolate for dipping anything you desire. Bring your chocolate fountain into the living room and enjoy dipping all your favorite snacks while watching your favorite movie or shows on television.

The chocolate fountain would also make a wonderful centerpiece for a wedding reception, a graduation party, a birthday party, an anniversary or even for Christmas as a new and exciting way to enjoy chocolate. All of your guests will be fascinated at the way in which the chocolate flows up and around making mounds of ooey, gooey chocolate for dipping strawberries, slices of melon, banana bites, pineapple chunks or for any other bite size fruit you wish to serve.

How this chocolate fountain works is really quite simple. The chocolate is heated in the basin of the fountain and then is carried to the top by a rotating internal shaft. Then out it flows for all to enjoy.

This wonderful chocolate sharing treat is made of quality stainless steel and will be the hit of any party if you decide to share your chocolate. Me, I would hide it away in my bedroom for a nice midnight snack.

Also when you purchase the Chocolate Fountain you also get 900 grams of pre-mixed Belgian chocolate to help you enjoy your fountain as fast as you can set it up.

Treat yourself or any other chocolate lover with the best gift of all, a flowing fountain of chocolate always ready to help them with their craving for deep rich melted chocolate. Who knows, you may find some other wonderful items to dip into your chocolate. I wonder what broccoli would taste like dipped in chocolate?

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Marion Says: November 17, 2005 at 9:42 am

These fountains are great for kids, but if you are planning on using it at a party, think again. These toys are just that – toys. If you try to run them at a three hour party, it probably won’t last for the entire party. My suggestion is to rent a chocolate fountain so you don’t have to worry about storage, clean up, set up or break down of the fountain. Three different sizes available.

Meh Says: July 2, 2007 at 11:39 am

Meh, understandable, but come on… Its no big deal to add more chocolate, and suffer a 60 second downtime. -_-

For a wedding, I would surely rent one. But if I hosted lots of moderately sized socials, (20-30 people?) I would go with this.

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