The USB Powered Massage Ball

by Anita

We all have stress whether we are students sitting in front of our computers seeking out information for that term paper, working for a demanding boss, or just stressing out playing online games. Yes, playing bingo can be stressful when you get close to winning a thousand dollars. But, what can you do? You sure can’t jump up and run to get a massage or take a shower to relieve that stress. The best way to relieve stress while sitting at your computer is with the USB powered massage Ball.

You will be able to relax and never even leave your desk, you will still be able to find all the information you need for your term paper, get that project completed for your boss and win that thousand dollars while relieving stress.

The USB Powered Massage Ball is pocket size and can be used pretty much without anyone even noticing. All you need to do is plug the massage ball into your USB port and it begins vibrating at 360rpm’s and will start relieving your stress as soon as you place the oscillation ball against your tense and tight neck and shoulder muscles.

You can just learn to type one handed while you give yourself a much needed massage. You may become a one handed wizard in no time.

The dimensions of the USB powered massage Ball is 9cm by 4cm and can be found online for around £9.95 or around $12.00 USD. It is compatible with any USB port and comes complete with 180cm cable.

Give yourself a treat by purchasing one of these unique gadgets or buy one for a really uptight friend. Everyone that sits at a computer would really enjoy this massager. Even if not for stress, tired sore muscles from sitting at the computer all day can be relieved with the USB powered massage Ball.

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