Night Navigator- northern hemisphere

by Anita


Are you a star gazer or just enjoy finding all the constellations? If so, then you are sure to love the Night Navigator. With this awesome gadget you will be able to locate a star, a planet, or even find your favorite constellation.

The night navigator has 16 illuminated sky charts that will familiarize you with what you are viewing and how to find out what you are viewing.

Not only will you be able to find Pegasus, the winged horse, the complete 12 zodiac signs and 41 other constellations, but you will be able to amaze your friends and family that you know where they are. The night navigator is not a ways of finding the star that compile the constellation but it is a complete star chart that has patented technology that will automatically show you exactly where to find just one star, a certain planet or a constellation. It will even let you know which star, planet or constellation you find with this new technology.

Night Navigator has a built in, digital compass and a patented micro chop technology that will help you locate 43 different constellations. You will even be able to find Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. The colorful charts divide the sky into section and label each area, much like a “connect the dots” from our childhood. As you will be able to see the dots will transform into the constellations that you wish to see.

It comes complete with the book, “Navigating the Universe”, which explains not only space, but the chances of meeting other life forms, the “Big Bang” theory and many other intriguing topics.

The price of the Night Navigator is around $130USD and does require 4 “AA” and 2 “C” batteries.

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