LCD Programmable keyboard – sort of!

by Marc

Programmable keyboard
A few months ago a series of images did the rounds purporting to be a keyboard with a programmable LCD display on each key. As far as I know that one (unfortunately) isn’t in production but United Keys today announced something on the same theme.

The 205 pro is a regular QWERTY keyboard with programmable LCD displays on the function keys. Neat idea but I suspect it won’t get an awful lot of use. Or perhaps I should say I can’t see why people would pay $300 for a keyboard that doesn’t really do that much more for them than the one they can get for $10

This could be worth a chuckle though:

“Internet or intranet sites can embed HTML and hexadecimal code that will automatically launch images on your display keys related to site-specific content”

I’ll leave the rest to your imagination 🙂

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