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Two posts on the trot without an image, I must be slipping. Google have just expanded their impressive range of search services by releasing Google Blog Search and as with most Google products it’s in Beta.

With Google’s purchase of Blogger it seemed inevitable that that they would combine their existing search technology with blogs, though I am surprised it took this long.

The search isn’t just limited to blogger blogs, they also index any blogs with an available feed, so us WordPress users will be in there too :).

Indexing works differently than the standard web search. Blogs are indexed via their RSS feeds, which should provide more near real time indexing. They only started indexing in June this year so all earier posts will not be indexed though I’m sure big G will find a way around that.

Check it out here.

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Blog Party Says: September 14, 2005 at 4:18 pm

I love how fast the new entries are being indexed. Within minutes after creating a post, you’re there 🙂

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