by Marc

Here’s something that deserves a mention. In the best tradition of gadgets it’s novel, cheap, was probably based on alien technology and actually serves a useful purpose!

The marvel that is modern chemical engineering has managed to produce the Sticmatz ; a not-quite-rubber mat that will hold anything placed on it securely, at just about any angle, without leaving any residue when the item is removed. Great for holding the sunglasses / phone / gps on the car dash.

You can find it at a variety of UK resellers and garage forecourts (apparently, although I’ve not seen one yet) for about 6 pounds.

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matt Says: September 12, 2005 at 2:01 am

this product is a real must have for sure, i have one and it is awesome and SO handy…it helps keep my scatty self organised and looks really sexy

i hear you can get this product from saxon on 01488689400 or and they tell you where sticmatz is available near you

Mark Evans Says: November 7, 2014 at 8:44 pm

Is the picture of the Sticmatz with mobile phone temporarily attached your idea for improving the sales of this sticky pad..??

Has the sticmaz company agreed with that style of advertisement…??

Who is therefore liable for this idea..??

Can you imagine what happens in any collision, the mobile will leave that sticky pad at the same speed of collision and inflict serious harm on any one unfortunate to be in that car..!!

In this day and age of Health & Safety I can imagine a few claims for those injured parties, can you..??

Any contact address, phone numbers, email addresses for the company would be appreciated asap…thanks.

I have recently purchased a sticmatz for my car but I will only use it for light wight items, never a mobile phone , Sat Nav etc
I trust your web site will take note of the above information….thanks.

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