The Segway

by diceman

Photo of the segway
When I first heard of the Segway, I never for a second believed it would catch on like it has. What is a Segway you ask? Powered by an electric mortar, the Segway is a two wheeled vehicle which us used standing up. All across the US and many other countries people are using the Segway as their intercity vehicle either to commute to work, or just to get from place to place.

Having personally had the chance to use the Segway this summer I must admit, I’m impressed. At first glance, the Segway looks very awkward with only two wheels and a small platform to stand on. Part of my original skepticism was the issue of being able to properly balance and keep from falling over. However due to their dynamic stabilization technology, balance is almost no issue at all. Within minutes, I was comfortable and secure enough to cruise the streets of Toronto.

With the constant demand for energy efficient solutions and the increasing rise in gas, many people you and old are turning to alternatives such as the Segway.

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