Crank it!

by diceman

How many times has the power gone out and you had to rummage through your junk drawer to find a flashlight, only to discover the batteries have died? Well those dark days are now over. The Forever Flashlight Dynamo is a nifty little gadget that uses a crank system to produce electricity giving you bright light whenever you need it.

With just one minute of steady cranking, you can produce 45 minutes of light. The practicality of such a device is limitless. In your home, at the cottage, in the car, anywhere you could use constant light. Below are the specs for the Forever Flashlight Dynamo

– No batteries necessary – just crank to generate power
– Crank for one minute to get up to 45 minutes of light
– Has three bright LEDs
– Low beam (one LED) and high beam (three LEDs)
– Heavy-duty waterproof case with non-slip grip
– Fold-away crank handle
– Great for general use or emergency lighting
– Dimensions: 7.25″ L x 2.5″ W
– Weight: 6 oz.

Don’t be left in the dark next time the power goes out, invest a few extra dollars in a flashlight that is both energy efficient and cost effective.

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