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Sometimes you just need to take your vino with you. Maybe you are headed for a day at the races or a picnic in the park. Schlepping a bottle around sure is not convenient. There’s the need to keep it from breaking and you have to find a bottle opener. Hassle for sure! Sure, there’s the box-o-wine solution but is there actually GOOD tasting wine in a box?

Firebox wants ladies to more easily carry their wine and look stylish too. Meet the Wine Handbag, £29.99. This designer-esque ‘bag’ holds 1.5 liters of vino and has its own spout on the side. The durable cardboard construction won’t let you or your wine down.  It even comes with wine included – in either Cab, Chardonnay or Rose. So next time you head out and take good wine with you camouflage it!

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