The Roomie Remote – Gives Your iDevice Total Control



Sure, I have a few remotes on my side table. One for the TV, another for the DVR and yet one more for the DVD player.. we wont even let the XBox enter into the equation. I thought I’d cut the clutter and get a universal remote and that idea crashed and burned when I was never able to remember what all the buttons did, or even get them to work every time. Apps were an interesting option, but I needed more than one of those for each device…

Using an iDevice as a remote isnt really a new option, but the Roomie is. Taking the place of your confusing old universal remote, the Roomie takes control of your home theater components, usually via direct communication over your home network. Roomie also serves up a customized TV guide and feedback information, like volume or run-time.

Don’t let me mislead you, this isn’t just a simple universal device, Roomie allows integration with Tivo,   DirectTV, Roku and many others, as its infrared adaptors support almost any device. The Roomie allows iTunes, Airplay, Lutron, Insteon, and Sonos Support and adapts if your devices change addresses. Roomie not only replaces your existing remotes, offering all of their available controls, but sometimes it can add even more advanced options.

Roomie really does provide one of the most powerful infrared solutions available, all without line of sight requirements, no batteries or goofy tabletop apparatus. It lets you hold the control of your entire entertainment arsenal right in the palm of your hand… and all this can be yours for under 10 bucks at To find out all of Roomies amazing capabilities please visit


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