The antique recreation Fargo Fan

by Ally


Having a fan around is always nice and this one would make a classy addition to any office or home.  It was originally created in the 1920’s specifically for bankers.  The Fargo Fan was made to give a really nice breeze, while at the same time not blowing around their paperwork.  Making it a still convenient choice for anyone who messes with paperwork in their office quite often.  This isn’t the exact same fan from the 1920’s, more of a remake actually.  I don’t think that would bother anyone though.

It comes in three different finishes, one is the bright silver shown here that features a satin nickel finish base and chrome accents.  Another has an oil-rubbed bronze finish base with antique brass accents and finally the last comes with a burgundy faux leather base and brushed brass accents.  If forced to choose between the three, I might have a bit of a hard time.  No matter which you choose though, these definitely look like something straight out of a Superman comic that might be found on the desk of a reporter at The Daily Planet.  Although Fanimation has these posted online, you’ll have to contact them to find a vendor and find out how much one of these will set you back.

Source: CraziestGadgets

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Brian Says: August 27, 2009 at 9:09 am


$199 @
$200 @
$249 @

Cool fan though.

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