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barz.jpgThey say that necessity is the mother of all invention, and it could not be any truer for Australian Kevin Barr who realized that there is actually a need for purpose-built eye protection for folks involved in the extreme water sport market, and hence his brainchild in starting Barz Optics. This company kickstarted an innovation process that has not looked back since its humble beginnings, offering a wide range of products that help keep your eyes safe no matter what extreme sport you are involved in, protecting against a variety of elements such as wind, salt, water, dust, sand and glare.

Other than sports, Barz Optics eyewear have also seen action all over the world and is currently being used by special forces who have been posted to the thirsty deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan. Extreme water sports enthusiasts who laugh in the face of danger while engaged in PWC racing, Kitesurfing, Sailboarding, Water Skiing and Wake Boarding will also find the Barz Optics range of glasses handy. This company is currently seeking out international distributors in order to make a name for itself throughout the world.

In order to tempt buyers, Barz Optics has just released its latest pair of sunglasses that combines polarized sunglasses lenses along with non-polarized optical quality +1.5, +2.0 and +2.5 reading lenses, allowing those with poorer vision to be able to read important stuff like maps and road signs without missing a beat. Since polarization has been excluded, it will be even easier to read digital instrumentation, cell phones, PDAs, GPS navigation systems, and digital watches among others. Retailing for nearly $70, I’m happy to say that the price point does not make it out of reach for everyday folk who love outdoor and extreme sports. What kind of sunglasses are you rocking to?

Source: Gizmag

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