Shrieking Chicken

by Liam

Shrieking Chicken
Here’s a funny play on an old toy. The Shrieking Chicken is the ultimate thing to have around since the rubber chicken if you want to play practical jokes or just annoy people around you.

Made of rubber it’s very similar to its plain rubber ancestor, however if you give it a squeeze it will emit a high pitched shriek which will either have people burst out laughing or scare the heck out of them! I bet it would also be fun to use instead of a Whoopee Cushion to put under someone’s chair. I’m sure that would get them some strange looks ;).

If you’re the practical jokes kind of type you’d love one of these shrieking chickens. They kind of make me wonder what some Garfield comics would have been like if he had had a shrieking chicken instead of a rubber chicken to hit John with!

These funny little toys are available for £6.95 from Boys Stuff so pick yours up now and start spreading the fun!

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